Is It True That White People Dominate Outdoors?

Is It True That White People Dominate Outdoors?

“Do white men and women dominate the outside?” Since Canada’s iconic retailer of clothing and gear for the outside, what MEC maintains things.

In his article on the business site, Labistour states:”Historically, the versions we have used in our catalogues and campaigns and on our site are mostly white.” Labistour apologizes for it.

He goes on to state “As CEO of MEC, I guarantee that moving ahead, we’ll be sure we are inspirational and representing the diverse community which currently exists in the outside”.

There’s a long history of visual apartheid from the promotion of the outside industry. What I mean with this is not having native, black and other people of color in the advertisements. Do a fast online search for outside recreation advertisements and you’ll see mostly white men and women in the pictures.

In fact, Black individuals have a very long history of being in the outside in Canada. This history was whitewashed not only in outside advertisements but also in conservation, outside education and environmental education.

As a historical figure, she’s associated with attracting fugitive slaves in the United States to security in Canada through the Underground Railroad.

She left some 20 treks throughout the boundary, some in winter, with different paths to get around the slave catchers. She had been powerful as her degree of wilderness experience was phenomenal.

Arctic Exploration

The outside industry likes to indicate an adventurous lifestyle in its own advertising.

The pursuit to be the very first person on that place proved to be a holy grail of white explorers for 2 centuries. Few anticipate a black guy to talk about that prize. Released in 1912, Henson makes it crystal clear that the explorations depended upon the experience of the Inuit and their understanding of their property.

Canoeing is an iconic summertime activity in Canada. And black individuals have been there also. The voyageurs, paddling along the lakes and ponds of the nation, at the fur trade with Native people, is a portion of Canadian outside history. Missing from this film will be the dark voyageurs and fur traders.


Cowboys riding round the prairies, under the excellent big blue skies, is just another mythologized picture in the outside background of Canada. And once more the fantasy excludes black cowboys like John Ware.

Black cowboys helped to produce the ranching business in the prairies from the 1880s. The Calgary Stampede is a portion of the heritage.

Advertising Dollars

It makes great business sense for MEC to add Indigenous, black and other people of color in its own advertising. They’re becoming the most significant segment of the populace. If the outside business is to flourish, it has to reflect diversity in its own advertising.

Let’s hope that other associations like parks, nature conservancies and ecological classes follow their own lead.

But, it’s too simple for the very first step to be the only measure. A commitment to diversity has to be internal in addition to outside, and continue beyond only expanding a client base, to using Indigenous, Black and other people of color and encouraging their accessibility to the fantastic Canadian outdoors.